Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Digilux 1 : Macro Madness

I bought a leica Digilux 1 for a good price and took it out today, too bad it was overcast and 2C and windy ( chilly!)

 Now why would a point and shoot be on a vintage lens blog?  well it was made in 2001, so I guess 11 years old might actually be the newest item I own ( except for the 2 camera bodies of course!)

this was one of the first shots Itook with it, and the flash made my daughter look alabaster white, but her eyes looked awesome, so a little cropping and B+W and voila!

not bad for a 4 megapixel 11 year old point and shoot

ISO 100 f4.1 1/60th of a second

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