Saturday, November 19, 2011

Helios 40-1 85/1.5: Helios Sk8r Grl I

We went to the Ice rink for the first skate of the year during a public skate session, I took along my KX and 2 helios lenses the H44 and H40 , and had a lot of fun

 AFter over an hour of skating my Eldest stopped by my vantage point to telll me she was having fun, captured with the helios 40 85mm at very close range, perhaps 1.5-2 metres and stopped down just a tad to f2.0 to sharpen it up by about a factor of 3 ( very soft at f1.5).

Unfortunately the lens is a tank! my hands were killing me after holding it and focusing for about 20 minutes.

ISO 400 f2 1/80th of a second

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