Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Summicron 50/2: Classic leica Look

One thing about using vintage glass that I like is the rendering of the lenses always has a certain character that you dont get to see in the modern glass, I dont know if its because the modern lenses are so *clinical* or mathmatically correct or what, but I find the look of the older stuff more organic or analogue ( silly I know, saying I am using a digital device to capture the light through them)

 One other thing that plays apart is that the modern lenses all have fantastic coatings on them, and in most lenses they are multicoated. I believe that this 1964 Summicron 50mm has coatings on it too, but I dont know how many .  you can see that it gets a bit of flare when light hits it an angle but its OK when straight on, then again, store lights arent as bright as the sun through a frosted glass window either.

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