Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Super MC Takumar 358/3.5 : Snowshoers

a few days before the big thaw we ended up going snowshoeing for the first time as a family and we had great fun

 I got ahead of the gals to take their picture with all the snow behind them

Imnot a big fan of the 35mm takumar to be honest, but its half of my bad weather go to kit, the ither being the 55mm/2 takumar that I prefer more. you can tell how bad the weather is by what lens I cart around with me, if its the 55mm I am a bit worried about it, if its the 35mm then the weather is really bad and I dont care if it gets ruined ( it  cost me 20 dollars!)

ISO 400  f5.6  1/400th of a second

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