Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Leitz Canada Elmarit 135/2.8 : Nightflight!

 this small shot doesnt do this justice, here is the full size

First off, by now it is almost totally dark, but I had thought ahead and brought my flash with me, at full power and zoom it said it could shoot 188 feet , so I thought, WTH, lets see if it can! I set the M8 to ISO 2500 ( it has terrible noise there unfortunately) and took a few shots, and I was JUST out of reach, so I popped my homemade *snoot* on it and edged as close as i dared to the waters edge

 I took 3 shots, the 1st one I had the lens at f4 and got nothing, this one was at f2.8 , and the first shot must have startled them, as most of them were looking my way ( you can see the flash intheir eyes!)  the 3rd shot, they were starting to scatter and i didnt want to bug them anymore 

Strobist Info :  Metz mecablitz held above my head at full reach with the snoot aimed at the water ripples in the centre, full power, zoomed to 90mm , it was on such a high setting I could see the light reflecting off the birds and they were perhaps 220 feet away!

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