Monday, June 6, 2011

Summicron 50/2 : Me taken by my 7 yr old daughter

My 7 yr old daughter took this of me, and yes  its out of focus, but Its a funny story

 I  set the camera up for her using F4 to give her a lot of DOF and told her to have fun , before I gave her the leica I said out loud

" whats the most important rule?"

before she can respond my 4 yr old pipes up " dont drop it!"     we all had a good laugh !!

my rule was actually " make sure your subject is in the centre of the viewfinder" :) as you can see , I wasnt ........

ISO 160 f4 1/3000th sec


  1. Maybe the subject was the car... In any case it's a better composition than if she had just pointed it towards you.

    She got talent.

  2. Thanks T O , I'm glad I taught her the rule of thirds :)

    but getting leicas for each child could get expensive $$$$