Friday, June 10, 2011

Summicron 50/2 : Me taken by my 4 yr old daughter!!

After my 7 yr old took a shot of me on the boardwalk last week , as I was putting the flash  gear away my 4 year old shouts " Wait!!"

Me " whats wrong??!!!"

her " I want to take a picture of you cos you are never in any"

 so now I have a 4 yr old holding a leica m8 atached  with a short cord to a tripod with a flash on it, what could go wrong!!  Not much apparently , I looked off to the side to eliminate flash reflections off my glasses and she snapped 3 of me

 as she took the 3rd shot she exclaims " OK thats good, you can put the stuff away now , bye"


Metz mecablitz 40MZ-2 ISO 160 F8 1/250th of a second  , the flash was off camera ona tripod 3 feet to her left ( if you know who strobist is, its a setup like he starts people with)

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  1. Kids will keep you young!

    I have my bird the avatar on MF, and expect a grandson next year.

    It is no harm to get them a cheap camera for themselves. Stultifying young people with formal education is good for those destined for the platoon or factory .....