Saturday, February 5, 2011

The answer is: Alienskins exposure 3 plugin for photoshop

I keep getting the itch to try film again, then i remember how unwieldy and wasteful it was, every shot basically costs 30 cents and you have to wait until you get it developed . Saying that, the quality is perfect if the shot comes out nicely , if it doesnt.........well then too bad :)

 The photo I posted yesterday was edited with a filter pack trial from this  company

they have a few hundred filters that were custommade by various photographer to emulate everything from ilford B+W to Fuji Velvia 50 slide film ( complete with a gran/no grain option!)

here is a quick photo that was taken witha modern lens, a pentax FA50/1.4 autofocus one , it has the exact same optical formula as the Super Takumar 50/1.4 series, that you can see from the out of focus smooth bokeh

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