Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super thin DoF : Helios 40 85mm/1.5

I took this one last summer when I first got this huge lens, it weighs a ton, ( 0.9 KG I believe!) but it has a few advantages

1: its very hard to get any camera shake when you are holding the equivalent to a bag of sugar on the front of your camera
2: its soft wide open away from the centre ( great for portraits)
3: It has already been converted to the pentax M42 mount, so it slips right onto my KX with the official adapter
4: its 85mm, which on my camera with the crop basically equals 127.5mm, so a telephoto with enough light to be f1.5, sign me up!
5: its definitely a conversation starter :)

This shot was taken wide open and it used the auto white balance of teh camera, and I think it messed it up a bit, but it came out OK and the depth of field is absolutely razor thin, I wish I had taken the photo using RAW instead of JPG, as the colours got a bit too over-saturated once I post processed it :(

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