Sunday, January 9, 2011

Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm/1,7 : Wide open!

I managed to find a CZ T* Planar 50mm for a really good price , 200 dollars canadian , with caps and a UV filter, it is MINT , but unfortunately for me, it is in the Contax/yashica mount which doesnt work with my preferred Pentax KX.

 So I had to break out my old ( 2003) Canon Rebel XT ( EOS 350) and use that instead, so I pop the lens on  , take a few shots and uploaded them to the PC , this one came out really nice,its shot at f1.7 and is the last vestiges of sunlight streaming through the blinds to my computer room, quite sharp for wide open.

I did some research and on some sites the Planar 50/1,7 is regarded by some as one of the sharpest 50mms ever made, and it definitely has a beautiful build quality , the focus is silky smooth, the only downside is that now I have 2 camera bodies and the only reason for keeping the Rebel is to use the planars :(


  1. The option is, you sell your canon camera and planar, then buy compatible lens for your pentax

  2. The planars and the Rebel xt are gone and replaced :)