Saturday, January 29, 2011

Super Takumar 50/1.4 : Miso Soup for the soul

 Continuing with my theme of food establishment fotos, I took my eldest daughter to the local authentic sushi bar , well I guess she took me because I wanted to go to the coffee place :)

 We had a 24 piece party pack of sushi and maki and it was delicious except for the miso soup which I didnt like ( she didnt either)  being a kid she got away with " I dont like it" and I had to make do with " I left some in the bowl so I can take some photos of it ":)

 Im trying something new that I learned on another site , Thorsten Overgaards excellent site . For outdoors Im using ISO 100 for indoors ISO 800 , and I am also trying to use the lenses as close to wide open as possible , so this shot is:

 Pentax KX with 1971 Asahi Pentax Takumar 50/1.4 @ 1.4 ISO 800 and shutter speed of  1/60 second. The in-body IS ability of the KX is a godsend for these type of shots , and I also found that the density of the Takumar makes the camera really easy to hold steady as it ends up being well balanced.  full size here

 I mostly took this shot as I noticed the crazy bokeh of the spotlights in the restaurant , and I cheated alittle by sliding my bowl directly underneath one of them !

later , now Im hungry, just not for Miso

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