Friday, January 21, 2011

Pentax Takumar 50mm/f1.4 : A very Smooootth bokeh

One of the reasons I like these primes is that invariably they have excellent optics for a fraction of the price of a new lens , this is taken in the coffee shop ( I really do have other pictures!) and i focused too short on purpose and in Lightroom i adjusted the white balance ( maladjusted actually) to tungsten instead of fluorescent because I like blue and it accentuated the blue glow from the reflections from the microwave

 The only thing I really had to change was the noise in the image, the Pentax KX takes really good JPGs but I am now using mostly RAW as the vintages lenses have a tendency to over or underexpose depending on the f-stop used  ( no correction inside the camera like the fancy new lenses) and i found that trying to add 2 stops to a jpg ended up with banding

 The plus side is that when you use higher ISO settings, the RAW files actually look like film grain, so it fits perfectly my *vision* of what i wanted to accomplish with this project, shoot filmic imagery without using film :)

ISO 800 wide open at F1.4 focused about 1 metre before the object , and hand held , the body image stabilisation is a godsend!

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