Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pentax Takumar 200mm/f4 : a bargain lens part III

Im dredging through my old flickr shots to find out various lenses that I have tried and liked that were inexpensive and i forgot about this gem, a Super Takumar 200mm/f4 from about 1970 , this lens is VERY well built and it has a smooth focus to it thats easy to use ( basically just like every other Takumar!)

 I got this for 62 dollars  off ebay and that was with 2 caps and a cool lens hood ( the hood itself sometimes sells for 40 ish) and the lens showed up and it was/is mint , and its barely bigger than the 135 tak , plus on my KX with the crop factor, the 200 becomes a 300! sweet! Right now ( jan 18 2011) there are about a dozen of these available for 100 dollars US shipped on ebay so if you want a really light and sharp prime telephoto lens, there you go

 This shot was taken using a tripod on international observe the moon night, why they picked a non full moon for this i dont know, but this is one of the hots that came out nice , shot wide open at f4 and ISO 200, the shutter speed is a surprisingly fast 1/400 of a second , just goes to show you how much light the moon does reflect  ,I also cropped out a little bit of the top and bottom to give the moon itself more impact in the frame

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