Saturday, January 22, 2011

DDR Pentacon 50/1.8 : bargain lenses part V

Here is another inexpensive gem for a M42 lens, the East German Pentacon 50/1.8 , it appears to be similar to a carl Zeiss lens, but instead of costing 250+ you can find them on ebay for 30-50 dollars!

 I think Pentacon was a conglomerate of optics manufacturers that was created in the 40s/50s in  East Germany from a lot of the smaller businesses that were still around after WW2 , but I am not 100% sure about that . The lens I have is well made , and all metal and it feels really dense, Ill have to do some research to see what its construction internally is, because it feels like it has a lot of glass in there. Focusing is smooth and its called a 50/1.8 MC so I assume its multi coated , but again Im not sure. All I know is , it takes very pleasing shots and it can focus very close, about 30 cm  , which is almost macro territory!

This is a shot taken in my computer room using the M42 adapter on my Pentax KX , and its my daughters curly hair , I was so close the depth of field is razor thin, but as you can see, parts of the strands are in focus and are quite well defined  , this was wide open at 1.8 and using ambient light, so as usual, a shot I took for a goof ended up being a keeper , I should rely on my instinct more often and not try and force creativity


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