Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Helios 44m-6 58mm f2 : Bubbling blue clouds

This summer I seemed to spend alot of time taking shots of sunsets and sunrises ( a good thing!) as we had so many that were gorgeous , or maybe it was that I never paid attention to them before, Im not sure which.

 Once again, the trusty Pentax KX and the soviet M42 gem Helios 44m-6 , the lens for some reason has a way of making the images *pop* I guess thats what you get when you copy a lens formula from Carl Zeiss , luckily as I mentioned before, it was 40 dollars and not 200+

This was taken at f4 and the sun had started to set, but the clouds above were still in the sunlight and gave off the awesome radiance that you see here


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