Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Takumar 28mm f3.5 : Perfect for Nature

This is the lens that started me off in the realm of vintage glass for my cameras.

 I was looking for an update  to a videogame and the lead designer is an avid photographer  quite reknowned in the world of underwater work , and he was talking about using his old Tair fotosnaiper lens on his modern body , so I did a search for vintage lenses on modern cameras and was surprised at how many sites were going on about dong that!

 I started scouring around and found a guy 100km away who had a takumar 28mm f3.5 for 20 dollars , so I ordered it from him, and it cost me 28 total :) and I also ordered a m42 > EOS adapter from ebay , the lens shows up wrapped in bubble wrap and thrown into a xmas ornament thin cardboard box , plus it was a bit dusty , I was worried it might have been damaged, but it is a solid lens, all metal and crystal clear glass.

 I put it on the Canon Rebel and couldnt believe the quality of the images ,  the colours popped, and the field of view was/is awesome! For up here in Eastern Canada one thng we have in abundence is nature, and with sunsets, sunrises etc , this lens really comes into its own, F3.5 isnt as sexy or cool as some of the other lenses made, but I shot almost all of my sky stuff at f3.5 or f5.6 and the only troubles I had was avoiding the darn powerlines!

 The shot here for example was me running across the street in my pyjamas with a Pentax KX and the tak 28mm to grab a few shots of the brilliant colours before the sun was full risen and they all faded, the sky was only like this for about 90 seconds, but I think I managed to grab a decent shot of it, full size is here:  Full size tak 28 sunrise  

 This lens is still quite inexpensive and is a bargain IMO, smooth focus , solid build and a very good angle of view , ( 42 mm on my KX, 44.8 on my Rebel)

Highly recommended!

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