Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pentax Takumar 135mm/f3.5 : bargain lenses part IV

I was posting about bargain lenses and I realised that basically the rule of thumb seems to be grab a Pentax Takumar :) I forgot that I bought the 135/3.5 early on and even though I find it a *boring* lens I have taken quite a few shots with it that I liked!

 This shot is from a whale-watching trip we took this summer in the bay of fundy , and even with the crop factor making the lens 202mm the whales were still VERY close , and the definition of the lens isnt as bad as I remember . and the shot was taken at F8 , you can actually see the whales mouth under the water ! full size version is here

 The 135/3.5 is a hugely overlooked lens, because Pentax also made a 135/2.5 , but the 3.5 version is still a good buy, and is available on ebay for about 50-60 dollars!

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