Monday, January 10, 2011

Helios 40 85/1.5 wide open portrait

The Helios 40-1 is a strange lens, it feels like something from the 30s ( which I guess it is I guess) but the images that come out of it have a certain *look* that is surreal and yet filmic at the same time.

 When I first got it, I had a lot of trouble in Lightroom getting the colours right, so I converted most of the portraits to B+W , this is one of my youngest daughter

 I find the lens itself overbalances my small Pentax KX and the knurling on the focus ring starts to abrade my fingers after a few minutes  , but when I can retrieve an image like this, its all worthwhile, nothing like suffering for your craft!

 Someone asked for some extra info behind the lenses and cameras , so here you go:

 The reasons I like the Pentax KX over my rebel XT ( in addition to being 7 years newer tech!)

1: very agile and easy to use
2: In body image stabilisation easily adds 2 stops+
3: the High ISO ability is awesome, I have shots at ISO 3200 that are great
4: Nice colour rendering when shooting in JPG mode
5: The official adapter from pentax lets me use every  lens that pentax made, from teh M42 mounts to the modern ones!

 Thanks for the feedback , comments welcome

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