Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How big is the Helios 40 you ask?...........

Quite the tank! someone asked me how big the lens was, so I took a shot of it .

 the tripod collar actually hits the popupflash unit, but luckily it can be loosened off to be positioned anywhere , so what I have to do is arrange it to the left or bottom of the camera , then install the screwmount lens, and then I tighten up the tripod mount , phew!

 there are 3 knurled rings , the top one is the aperture set for the step down mechanism, the nice middle one is the one to turn to step it down, and the bottom torture device is the one for focussing :(

how it works is, you set the aperture using the top ring, IE F4 , then the lens stays wide open for focussing, then when you are ready to take the shot, you move the middle ring to stop it down , and click, there is your shot

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